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Who we are...

Zymetree is an environmental beneficial initiative which focuses on reducing the waste in all forms, reusing the biological resources and recycling the treated resources. Upon continuous research we developed various environmentally beneficial effective microbial consortia which can be used for various industrial and domestic needs.

Effective microbial consortium

EMCs are effective microbial consortia that comprises of 100+ different microbial species which are highly beneficial to various environments. We screen microorganisms from their natural habitat and enrich them with various nutrition and environmental conditions. We carry out acclimatization of screened microbes so that they effectively degrade industrial and domestic waste as well. Our clients can select from spectrum of EMCs to meet their requirements. Also, we develop specific EMCs in situ as per clients requirements.

Microbial Nutrition

We have developed an unique mixture of nutrition for development and maintenance culture of EMCs used in industrial wastewater treatment.