Microbial consortium formulation for soil enrichment

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EM was an effective soil nourisher combining protozoa, bacteria (Azotobacter, Azospirillium and clostridium) and fungi (mycorrhizae, trichoderma, etc) by recycling nutrients and pests away. EM keeps soil healthy and productive thereby helps in effective carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and sulfur uptake from soil. EM provides nitrogen to plants which was the most lacking nutrient in the soil. Flourishing soil microbes increases soil productivity and crop yield. Nourished soil increases plant diversity and its food web becomes balanced and diversed. This provides platform for plants to dwell and nourish.

Incredible Features &


Bio-stimulant for plant growth

Disease and pests suppressor

Decreased dependence on agrochemicals

Suitable for both organic and inorganic farming

New microbial community formation

Recycle nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon

Product Applications

This product is specially designed for nourishing the soils to increase the productivity of crop


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